C.K. Foods Inc. and CK Nutritional Ingredients Announce The Launch of Re-designed Corporate Website

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) September 30, 2009

Canadian consumers of dietary supplements and natural health products are entitled to have access to products that are proven safe and effective in human clinical trials. This can be a challenge, as there are various products and brands on store shelves that utilize ingredients that are of inferior quality and that lack good science. Toronto-based raw material supplier CK Nutritional Ingredients (http://www.ckfoods.com/nutrition.html) is looking to change this and it has recently updated its corporate website to reflect new products that are based on extensive scientifc substantiation.

“There is no question that the majority of the public would prefer to take natural supplements to treat various ailments and to boost their overall health,” says Michael Chernyak, Managing Director of CK Nutritional Ingredients. “If the natural products industry is to survive and even thrive, it absolutely must produce supplements that are proven safe and effective. From a commercial standpoint, the temptation to formulate products with unsubstantiated low-cost raw materials can be significant, but in the long-term it will undoubtedly cause considerable harm to the industry as a whole.”

CK Nutritional Ingredients has taken great care in seeking out and selecting vendors who are focused on quality, science and innovation. Preference is given to proprietary ingredients that have been the subject of at least one well-designed human clinical study, and that deliver benefits that consumers can feel. “Supplement users want products that are experiential,” states Jim Bornhold, Director of Sales for the company. “Whether it’s a formulation that boosts energy, reduces stress, enhances mental clarity or alleviates joint discomfort, it’s critical that the product deliver a benefit users can feel. This will go a long way toward ensuring repeat purchase and ongoing loyalty to natural health products.”

CK Nutritional Ingredients’ business model is centered on the representation of branded, evidence-based nutraceutical raw materials in the Canadian market. It partners with U.S. and international ingredient developers who wish to maximize their penetration of the Canadian market without having to dedicate significant resources do to so. It is a model that is proving to be effective – four leading non-Canadian vendors have come aboard, and negotiations are in progress with several more. “We are always on the lookout for innovative suppliers who are committed to good science and who want to establish a strong presence in Canada,” added Chernyak.

This is all good news for Canadian supplement users. Expect to see an increase in the number of products on the market that improve health and wellbeing, and have the science to back them.

About CK Nutritional Ingredients

Founded in May of 2007, CK Nutritional Ingredients is a wholly-owned division of C.K. Foods Inc., a leading supplier of functional ingredients to the Canadian food, beverage and natural health products industry. Based in Toronto, Canada, its mission is to arm Canadian natural health products manufacturers and marketers with innovative science-based ingredients that help to create products that promote the health and wellbeing of the Canadian public.

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