Health Club Owners See Little Profit While Industry Grows 53%

Fair Haven, NJ (PRWEB) April 3, 2005

It’s a fact- The health and fitness industry has grown every year for the past 12 years; 39.4 million Americans now belong to health clubs. Sadly, 77% of gym owners are seeing a decline in revenue. How can this be? The health club industry has been bombarded by increased competition among the clubs, 30 minute fitness alternatives, diet fads and home workouts.

Since 2000, the industry has grown by 53%, but the owners are making less than ever. “Club owners spend all of their time, money and energy on their ads and zero on what to do after the phone rings.” According to Brian Long, President of Profit Partners LLC, “If they would just fix that one area, they will beat their competitors at the first point of contact. Instead, they are sharing the market with each other. 77% of owners we spoke to in 2004 saw a decline in revenue over 2003.”

When a potential prospect sees an ad, gets a post card or hears about a gym, they are going to look for more information. After they have gone to the clubs website or asked a few friends, the next step is to call the gym and find out more. Here is where all health clubs lose 75% of their prospects. Why is it that if 100 people call for more information, only 25 of them end up coming into the gym? Just a few years back, that number was much higher, but with the internet and all of the new competition, the buyer now has the power. If one thing goes wrong on that phone call, you will lose the prospect.

Health clubs have been put into the awkward position of competing mainly on price. Research, however, indicates that price is not even in the top three of what is most important to a prospect when selecting a health club! Health club prospects want proof that you can make them look and feel great, provide great customer service and convenient to either home or work. Interestingly, people spend less time thinking about which $ 2,000 TV set to purchase than they do on committing $ 50 a month on their own health.

In a nationwide survey, 52% of the people claimed they take 3 months or longer to research and investigate their alternatives before joining a gym. 76% of all people take 1 month or longer. With the right marketing campaign, you can cut that time in half. Giving prospects the right information in your ad , allows them to make an informed decision. All the health club ads seem to be competing on price.

It takes a lot of guts to go from good to great. Health club owners have two choices at this point; throw in the towel or make the changes needed to thrive in this new environment. It is time to separate these clubs from the pack, because if nothing changes…nothing changes.

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