Health Trends Guide Reveals Latest Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga, Obesity, Diabetes, Aging & Wellness Trends For 2012 and Beyond

Leslie Nolen, Author

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

The instantly useful Health and Wellness Insider’s Guide to Durable Trends, Fleeting Fads & Innovative Ideas provides a health trends roadmap for every wellness sector: fitness, nutrition, yoga and mind-body trends, conventional, complementary and alternative healthcare trends, obesity and diabetes management, and longevity and aging trends. It illuminates the most significant opportunities and challenges facing health and wellness businesses, practitioners and investors, says author Leslie Nolen, president of The Radial Group.

Readers describe the report as:

“profoundly accurate”

“a crystal ball for the future of health and wellness, with the solid research and analysis to back it up”

“a wellness roadmap full of resources and information, with its finger on the pulse”

“a wealth of great, practical information”

Available worldwide in paperback, Kindle or PDF versions, this unique wellness trends guide spans the entire health and wellness spectrum, from fitness, nutrition and yoga to healthcare, diabetes, obesity and aging.

Unlike expensive and dry statistical reports, Nolen says the Health and Wellness Insider’s Guide is “Designed to be instantly actionable for health and wellness executives, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors plus media and marketing professionals”:

Special features include:

1. A detailed trend checklist of crucial developments in fitness, nutrition, mind-body practices, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), healthcare and medicine, obesity and diabetes, and longevity and aging

2. A four-page Buzzword List which gives practitioners instant explanations of the latest terminology and jargon

3. Discussion of eight emerging convergence trends like “healthy skepticism” and “Lifestyle Change 2.0” which are shaping the future for all health and wellness businesses and practitioners

4. Three proprietary models – the Health & Wellness Continuum, Dimensions of Health & Wellness and Health & Wellness Toolbox – which provide a new foundation for understanding the health and wellness interest as a whole

Then, each individual trend chapter leads with a “Big Picture” summary followed by detailed strategic insights and discussion for the eight sectors of health and wellness:

1. Consumer health and wellness trends

2. Fitness, exercise and physical activity

3. Nutrition, food and healthful eating

4. Yoga and other mind-body practices

5. Complementary & alternative medicine

6. Conventional medicine & healthcare

7. Obesity & diabetes

8. Longevity, aging & older adults

Nolen concludes with a discussion of seven guiding principles that will shape health and wellness futures for 2012 and beyond.

About Leslie Nolen

Leslie Nolen is a nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness and president of The Radial Group. Her Health and Wellness Business Advisor and WebSavvy column reach thousands of health and wellness businesses monthly and she is a source for national media including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Fortune.

About The Radial Group – The Health & Wellness Business Experts

The Radial Group publishes the free Health & Wellness Business Advisor and provides consulting, marketing and content exclusively for health and wellness businesses.



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