Human rights Group Speaks Out About Tom Cruise Speaking Out

Vancouver, B.C. (PRWEB) September 3, 2005

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a psychiatric watchdog group, said Tom Cruise’s remarks on NBC’s Today Show recently represent a growing public awareness about the national crisis of children and adults being prescribed damaging mind-altering drugs.

Brian Beaumont, President of the British Columbia chapter of CCHR said, “The Today Show interview was a warning that people need to be beware of psychiatry and its purported research rather than accepting at face value concepts such as a chemical imbalance in the brain causing their problems, which can deny them real help”.

To back up their claims, CCHR released a video documentary on their website, , that includes prominent doctors, neurologists and psychiatrists debunking the hoax of mental disorders being physically based or the result of a chemical imbalance.

“The ‘chemical imbalance’ theory, popularized by marketing, is no more than psychiatric wishful thinking,” Beaumont said. It has been thoroughly discredited by researchers, doctors and scientists. The only reason it exists is that it makes it easier for psychiatrists to label and drug vulnerable and often desperate individuals including helpless little children. It is driven by more than $ 23 billion in drug sales each year.”

Based on this false chemical imbalance theory, millions of people have fallen prey to damaging psychiatric practices: stimulants and antidepressants have induced teenagers to go on murderous shooting sprees (9 out of 13 school shootings, such as the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, were committed by teens on psychiatric drugs). A 14 year old boy shot two children, killing one, at W.R.Myers High School in Taber, Alberta. He was seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed him Dexedrine just prior to the shooting.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian children and teens have been prescribed SSRIs, or selective seritonin reuptake inhibitors, and other newer antidepressants for an ever-growing array of bogus illnesses including anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social phobia. At least five teenagers in Canada have died, four of suicide, while being treated with the most widely prescribed antidepressants in Canada and at least 100 other children as young as 18 months old have experienced serious suspected adverse reactions to the pills.

For 14 years, CCHR, which was established by the Church of Scientology, has been warning people of the psychiatric industry’s penchant for wholesale labelling and drugging of young people for profit, most recently made obvious in BC by posters, fliers, bus ads and a festival stigmatizing normal teenage experience as a “mental disorder”. Last October, the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. ordered a “black box” label for antidepressants that the drugs could cause suicide. Health Canada has taken similar measures. But these reforms are not enough to curb what CCHR says is a “national crisis” of child drugging and psychotropic drug abuse.

“Psychiatrists are society’s biggest drug pushers,” Beaumont says. “People do suffer from serious mental difficulties or life-crippling problems and their methods of coping with this can fail. Psychiatrists exploit this, marketing drugs for conditions they admit they do not know the cause of or cannot cure. Fraud involves intentional deception or deliberate misrepresentation to secure money, rights or privilege. CCHR is helping Canadians wake up to this psychiatric fraud.”

For information on Psychiatry or to report a psychiatric abuse people can call the CCHR hotline at 1-800-670-2247.


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