Mark Calcavecchia signs on and Endorses Golf Nutritional Supplement GolfProX

Mark Calcavecchia signs with Golf Nutritional Supplement GolfProX

Mississauga, ON, Canada (PRWEB) March 10, 2011

Golf champion Mark Calcavecchia, member of the Champions Tour and the PGA Tour, has signed on with the Canadian firm MT Pharma Inc. to endorse their golf-specific nutritional supplement, GolfProX. Calcavecchia calls GolfProX “a real game changer.” He means this quite literally, insisting his game has improved measurably since he began taking the supplement. Calcavecchia, 50, who tied for 5th at the ACE classic, is playing better this year so far than last year; in fact most of his stats have improved. He attributes this to GolfProX. Visit to get detailed statistics and graphics on the areas where Mark’s game has improved and monitor Mark’s statistics for 2011 vs. 2010.

In a market already packed with a bewildering array of sports-specific supplements, including numerous products that claim to be for golfers, why introduce yet another? Mark Taha, CEO of MT Pharma, explains that GolfProX, which was developed by a well-respected and frequently-published medical doctor, is different because it is an all-in-one supplement with nearly 20 ingredients – many of which have been clinically proven to enhance several different aspects of a golfer’s game.

“Unlike other golf supplements that focus on only one or two areas of the game, GolfProX directly addresses the four that are most important,” Taha says.

Those four aspects, he explains, are mental calmness and focus; joint flexibility; joint recovery; and energy and stamina. “We’ve addressed the mental aspects because golf is as much a mental as a physical game,” says Taha. “Joint flexibility is important to enhance distance and control, and the joint recovery ingredients in GolfProX help reduce joint pain and improve joint health. And everyone who has played or watched a game of golf knows it is a long game that requires plenty of energy and stamina.”

Taha says GolfProX contains a carefully blended combination of quick-acting as well as long-acting ingredients, which focus not only on the golfer’s game but also on overall health.

One ingredient in GolfProX, the effectiveness of which is clinically supported in a recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (, is phosphatidylserine. “Phosphatidylserine is part of our ‘mental focus and clarity’ blend,” explains Taha, adding, “Phosphatydlserine has not only been proven to rejuvenate the brain cell membrane, increase attention and mental acuity and overall mental health, but it’s one of the few compounds actually proven to improve an athlete’s performance on the golf course.” Various vitamins, minerals, and herbal products round out the “mental” portion of the GolfProX formulation.

GolfProX tackles joint recovery with several familiar ingredients, the effectiveness of which has also been supported by research, such as glucosamine, chondroiton, MSM, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid. Perhaps a bit less familiar are the “flexibility” ingredients, an herbal extract called Nexrutine®, which addresses pain and inflammation due to over-exertion and exercise, and Cissus Quadrangularis, which is a member of the grape family and a traditional Indian medicine staple. Panax ginseng, magnesium, and other key ingredients support stamina and energy.

“No golf nutritional supplement has more high-quality ingredients, than ours,” claims Taha, “and no other supplement focuses on ALL four crucial areas of the game.” (The complete list of ingredients, along with an explanation of the purpose of each, can be found on the GolfProX web site: click on ingredients and studies)

In addition GolfProX is the first supplement to be endorsed by a PGA champion. Taha is particularly excited about having Mark Calcavecchia using and endorsing GolfProX. “His feedback will be very valuable to help us continually improve and enhance the product,” he says. “Mark embodies the golfer for whom we created this supplement: he’s a competitive golfer as well as a person in his 50s, a time when areas such as joint flexibility start to become an issue.”

While GolfProX is for older golfers who want to regain their distance and get more enjoyment out of their game by playing better, it is also, says Taha, for the young competitive golfer who wants that extra edge where every putt matters.

Mark Calcavecchia agrees. He is the winner of 26 professional tournaments (including 13 PGA victories), as well as winner of the 1989 British Open, and he’s a member of the 1998 President’s Cup team and four Ryder Cup teams. Calcavecchia says that in over 30 years on the PGA tour he has tried virtually every product and training aid available, but says nothing has improved his game like GolfProX. He says, “Peak performance is what professional golf is all about. It requires immense focus and stamina. GolfProX has helped me achieve that like no other product out there.” To those who are skeptical about the efficacy of supplements, Calcavecchia says, “The effects of GolfProX are real. It works, and it works fast. I have not felt this good or played this well in a long time.”

Apart from supplements, there is no shortage of products, training aids, and techniques designed to improve a golfer’s game. “But you can’t improve your game with new clubs or training aids when the most important instruments of all, your mind and body, are not performing at their best,” says Taha. He also feels it is crucial to stress that GolfProX is based on real science, “not the pseudoscience of certain bracelets or pendants currently on the market.”

MT Pharma is a relatively new company, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with manufacturing and distribution in the U.S. “Since we’re just now launching GolfProX, we are offering introductory pricing,” Taha says. The company is also looking for distributors; contact information is below.

“While a good diet, appropriate exercise, and other healthy lifestyle choices are important,” adds Taha, “many health professionals today suggest that we all take supplements as well. Why not take one that will improve your health as well as your golf game?” He says that GolfProX will give golfers at all levels – pro, semi-pro, and amateur – an edge over the competition, and “enhance their enjoyment of this great game.”

Adds Mark Calcavecchia, “I have better concentration, less joint pain, and feel a lot more energetic. Add up all these benefits and good things are bound to happen.”

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