N2N Global Launches Web Page Giving Parents a Helping Hand on Food Safety

Angela Paymard, Chairwoman, N2N Global

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

“There are few things more important than the health of your child,” said N2N Global Chairwoman Angela Paymard. That’s why N2N Global is pleased to announce a new web page designed with parents in mind called: Kids Lunch, Quality and Food Safety.

“This page gives parents everywhere a helping hand when it comes to making sure the food they feed their kids is safe and healthy,” says Angela Paymard, Chairwoman of the Orlando based, N2N Global. Paymard’s Florida based company provides operations compliance, and food safety solutions for food companies which helps ensure the world’s food supply operates in an efficient and effective manner, resulting in a higher quality of food in the supply chain. Paymard works with restaurants, retailers, distributers, packers and processors around the world.

“This web page is particularly important in light of a new study from the Department of Nutrition at the University of Texas at Austin. Researchers found that the food parents packed in their children’s lunches were found to be kept at unsafe temperatures with 90% of the students,” Paymard says.

The study examined more than 700 lunches of children ages three to five. Those lunches contained at least one perishable item. Researchers measured the temperatures of those items every 1 hour to 1.5 hours before those foods were to be eaten. Guess what? Less than ten percent of the perishable items they looked at were found to be in the safe temperature zone.

In one example lunch meat (which needs to be stored at 40 F or less) was left out above the safe temperature for more than 2 hours. It’s only safe for up to two hours.

N2N Global’s new web page provides parents with information as to how they can keep food in their house fresh and safe for their families. The page provides meaningful and useful facts about how to pack lunches, and tools to keep foods well preserved while your children are doing what they are in school for: learning. N2N provides you with knowledge about lunchboxes, coolers, and ice packs that will keep your child’s lunch safe.

“My hope is that these ideas will give all moms and parents some “easy-to-do” tips so they don’t worry about lunch. Then kids can have better tasting food, fresher food to eat. What is even better, when parents follow our page, they hopefully will be less likely to get the call from the school nurse saying their child has a stomach-ache.” Paymard adds.


N2N Global’s product suite brings powerful solutions for all members of the food supply chain. For Supply Side companies, N2N Global offers agri-ERP solutions, farm management, food safety, business analytics and traceability software. For direct to consumer and buy side companies,

N2N Global offers food safety, compliance, and supply chain management tools to help ensure the food supply is properly managed for minimized risk. N2N Global provides comprehensive solutions for companies looking for ways to improve efficiencies, enhance profitability, and ensure compliance & food safety.

To contact Angela Paymard directly, visit her on N2N’s twitter page http://www.twitter.com/n2nglobal. For more information, please visit http://www.n2nglobal.com.



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